Asphalt is the smooth, quiet, durable and sustainable surfacing material that has been around for hundreds of years. Today's asphalt is a scientifically designed product. It is rutting, shoving and crack resistant. It is the most recycled material in the world.

Perpetual Pavement combines the well-documented smoothness and safety advantages of asphalt with an advanced, multi-layer paving design process, that with routine maintenance, extends the useful life of a roadway to 50 years or more. Pavements designed and constructed in accordance with the Perpetual Pavement concept will last in perpetuity.

How it works 
Perpetual Pavements use multiple layers of durable asphalt to produce a safe, smooth, long-lasting road. The Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) design begins with a strong, yet flexible bottom layer that resists tensile strain caused by traffic, and thus stops cracks from forming in the bottom of the pavement. A strong intermediate layer completes the permanent structural portion, and a final 
layer of rut-resistant HMA yields a surface that lasts many years before scheduled restoration. A Perpetual Pavement provides a durable, safe, smooth, long-lasting roadway without expensive, time-consuming and traffic-disrupting reconstruction or major repair. 

Only the 2”-3” wearing course needs to be replaced through a mill and fill operation every 20 years.

Perpetual Pavement Facts
Keeps traffic running smoothly for 50 years or more. 
Limits repairs to the easily serviced top layer, eliminating the need for costly and disruptive reconstruction. 
Keeps motorists happy with a consistently smooth, quiet driving surface. 
Dramatically reduces life-cycle costs. 
Provides a safer and smoother driving surface 
Reduces tire-to-pavement noise. 
Offers additional cost advantages through recycling. 
Conserves nonrenewable natural resources and landfill space through recycling. 
Enhances efficiency of public road-building and maintenance programs

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