Asphalt is the smooth, quiet, durable and sustainable surfacing material that has been around for hundreds of years. Today's asphalt is a scientifically designed product. It is rut, shoving and cracking resistant. It is the most recycled material in the world.

Asphalt Road & Street Maintenance  

2020 Tentative Agenda

Feb 25-Colby 
  Feb 26-Salina 
  Feb 27-Burlington 
  Feb 28-Lawrence 

8:30 – 9 am Registration
9:00 am Welcome and Overview - Roger Alexander, KS LTAP 
                                                       and Dan Scherschligt, KAPA
9:15 am Basics of a Good Road - Roger Alexander, KS LTAP
9:40 am Asphalt Materials, Methods & Products – [C, S & B] 
                                         BJ Cottman, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions 
                                         or [L] Adam Hahs, Vance Brothers, Inc.

10:40 am Soil Stabilization - Roger Alexander, KS LTAP
11:00 amAsphalt Patching & Repair – Marcus Leck, KDOT, 
                                                              Area Maintenance Supt.
11:20 am Pavement Maintenance: Crack Sealing, Materials 
                              and Equipment – Andy Chesney, CRAFCO

Noon: Lunch Provided
1:00 pmAsphalt Defects & Preservation Treatments – Dan Scherschligt,                                                                                            KAPA
1:35 pm Chip Sealing Asphalt Roads – Mark Witherspoon, 
                                                       APAC-Kansas, Emporia

2:20 pm Break
2:35 pm Basic Pavement Management – Rick Miller, KDOT 
                                                or Roger Alexander, KS LTAP 
3:05 pm ARRA Basic Asphalt Recycling Methods – Aaron Hansen,                                                                                            Dustrol, Inc.
3:50 pm Summary and Evaluation
4:00 pm End of Session

2020 Presenters
Roger Alexander, KS LTAP, Instructor
Andy Chesney, CRAFCO, Territory
BJ Cottman, Ergon, TM Manager
Adam Hahs, Vance Brothers, Liquid
Aaron Hansen, Dustrol,
Marcus Leck, KDOT, D-4 A-3, Area Superintendent
Rick Miller, KDOT, Pavement Management
Dan Scherschligt, KAPA, Executive
Mark Witherspoon, APAC-Hutchinson,

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