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Welcome to the Kansas Asphalt Paving Association  (KAPA) website. The KAPA represents over 50 Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Producers and Suppliers, Associate Members, and Consulting Engineers who are dedicated to providing the traveling public of Kansas with the highest quality HMA placed with a commitment to excellence in all of our projects. Asphalt pavements are the smoothest, safest, quietest and most environmentally-friendly roadways and parking lots. The KAPA website will provide you with information on the benefits of HMA, educational materials and opportunities, the KAPA membership, and how to contact us for more information and opportunities to join this progressive association. 

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SAPA 2022 Annual Meeting
January 21, 2022
The Phoenician, Scottsdale, AZ

2021 KU Asphalt Conference
December 2, 2021
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Asphalt Pavement: A Critically Important Aspect of Infrastructure Resiliency

Asphalt pavements inherently possess resilient features, though the typical pavement
engineer/designer does not necessarily think of these characteristics through the lens of
resilience. The rapid constructability of asphalt pavements enables a producer to become a
“first responder” after a disaster; if a pavement is damaged due to an extreme event, it can be
quickly restored through fast construction. Tools and methods such as warm mix asphalt,
adaptable materials (e.g., polymer modified binders to resist high temperature or traffic load
deformation), porous asphalt systems for storm water management, and the ability to recycle
materials that have been compromised during an event as a means of compensating for
disrupted materials supply chains enhance the resilience of the system.

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APAC Hays Branch 
receives two Quality in Paving awards 

National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) presented 
the Quality in Paving awards during the 2021 virtual annual convention. Both projects were KDOT projects constructed
 in 2020. The award winning projects are the US 50 project
 in Harvey county and the K51 project in Morton county. Projects winners are selected based on consistency and 
quality of mix . A well deserved congratulations to the 
APAC Hays branch for this achievement, especially with 
all the challenges brought on during the pandemic.

KAPA Director Dan Scherschligt presents 
a plaque in appreciation to
Outgoing KAPA Board President Jeff Barnes​

KAPA Director Dan Scherschligt presents 
a plaque in appreciation to
Outgoing KAPA Board Member Matt Bowen​

Equipment World Magazine
​Shilling Construction tries new screed 
Link to article


2021 NCAT Test Track
KAPA Director Dan Scherschligt selected 
 Kansas Society of Professional Engineers (KSPE) 2019 Engineer of the Year

Cornejo & Sons Recognized by NAPA for Safety

Safety is top priority, and each year the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) recognizes safety achievement though their Asphalt Safety Operations Innovations awards. 

 Congratulations to Cornejo & Sons for earning finalist honors for the 2019 Asphalt Safety Operations Innovation award for their Entering and Exiting Work Zone Flags. This award recognizes companies that develop innovative ideas or achieve practical outcomes leading to improved worker safety in a roadway, plant site or quarry environment, and whose safety practices are above and beyond normal safety practices.  Cornejo & Sons earned finalist honors for their Entering and Exiting Work Zone Flags. Cornejo & Sons developed color-coded flags and windshield stickers for each type of fleet vehicle. The flags and stickers allow drivers to enter and exit work zones without verbal communication, minimizes chances of traffic control personnel being struck by entering and exiting vehicles, allows for specified entrances and exits that drivers can see from a further distance for different materials being delivered. In addition, it decreases congestion at entrances and exits and blocking of entrances and exits by subcontractors and third-party vehicles.

Way to go Cornejo!
Asphalt Plant Class in Topeka February 14, 2020​

KAPA 2020 Annual Business Meeting
January 22, 2020
Kansas City, Missouri

KDOT, Larry Thompson speaks to the KAPA Membership


Hall Brothers Construction Co.
As an prominent member in the Marysville community 
Hall Brothers do their part to promote the Black Squirrel 
with a colorful construction worker squirrel.  Black Squirrel 
sculptures appear throughout the Marysville community.


KAPA members are committed to constructing and rehabilitating asphalt highways, local roads, parking lots and developments to the highest standards and quality.  Our members are committed to their local communities and contribute to the local economies through the construction of their projects. They gladly support many families through the employment of their dedicated employees.   Quality is the Plan!   
KAPA Board of Directors

President - Dean McDaniel
APAC Kansas Inc., Shears Division

  Vice President -  Rob Roudybush
​Hall Brothers Construction Co., Inc

Sec/Treasurer -  Travis Shilling
Shilling Construction Co. Inc.​


Jeff Barnes
Venture Corporation

Dave Wilson
Superior Bowen Asphalt Co., LLC

​Randall Hattesohl
Cornejo & Sons
NAPA Releases 
Research Booklet

NAPA has compiled a summary of ongoing and recently completed asphalt research projects and industry initiatives. It covers work funded by NAPA, the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, and the Pavement Economics Committee.
Please click here to view the research booklet.

New Communication Tool Available
NAPA launched a new website, DriveAsphalt.org. The site aims to provide information to road owners about the superior performance of asphalt pavements.  The website can be a helpful tool for meetings with DOT, public works, and tollway officials. In the upcoming months, the site will be enhanced and expanded into a full resource for pavement designers seeking information about asphalt pavements.
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Road Age
Pavement Design 
Software Available

PaveXpress is a free web based pavement design tool to help you create simplified pavement designs while taking into account key engineering inputs. PaveWpress includes access to resources such as design guides from state DOTs and industry associations so you can build formal designs from its simple recommendations. PaveXpress is based on the AASHTO 93/98 pavement design equation and has been tested and endorsed by KDOT. The following is the link to this free software.